Supporting Small on a Budget

Supporting Small - Top Tips to stay on Budget

We've been a little quiet on this space because life is wild lately - but one thing keeps popping up with our customers and I wanted to take some time to address it here! How do you support local businesses and keep costs down? 

We all want to shop small - we want to support local businesses and local mamas and we know that big box stores don't always have the greatest business ethics - but how do we do so when we're on a budget? How do we juggle keeping costs low and also support our friends side hustles and the local small shop? 

The key here is *balance* 

As moms ourselves who are also dealing with inflation and financial strain, we get it. You probably can't purchase your baby's entire wardrobe from boutique shops like ours. Truth is - we own a boutique and our kids still wear box store clothes (gasp!). Let's face it - amazon is handy and Wal Mart is always there when you have a blowout on the road and baby needs a new outfit stat. 

So how do we, boutique owners & small shop supporters, support local AND stay on budget? Here are our top tips - 

1. Shop Used - seriously you guys 75% of our kids clothes are hand me downs. They grow so fast and most items are almost brand new when you get them "used", and re using items is better for the environment (win). Check out kijiji & marketplace if you don't have family & friends with older kids.

2. Buy Basics - we're talking denim and neutral colours here. When you have basic items that go with everything, you need less clothes. Plain grey t-shirts are a favorite around here. These essential items are where we will use the box stores 

3. Finish Small - We're talking cute summer rompers you can't find anywhere else, handmade lounge pants, organic cotton sleepers, matching sets for family photos, unique bonnets that are impossible to find at the chains. Items that you love. 

We will never judge you for outfitting your little in whatever way works best for your family. At Bairn & Babes we strive to bring you items that we believe in and love, things that make our lives as moms easier. 

You don't have to purchase everything locally to be a #smallshopsupporter, every little bit helps. 

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