Sleep Sacks : The Secret to a Great Nights Sleep

What is a Sleep Sack and why is it helpful? 

A Sleep Sack is a wearable blanket that replaces loose sheets and blankets in a crib.   Loose bedding can pose a suffocation hazard for babies, making a Sleep Sack a much safer option.  The benefits of using a Sleep Sack are numerous and include reducing the risk of SID, promoting better sleep, and making bedtime easier on parents.  

In addition to reducing the risk of SID, a Sleep Sack also promotes better sleep by keeping baby warm and cozy, which help them fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.   Parents can enjoy longer stretches of sleep without worrying about their baby waking up due to being chilled.  

Sleep Sacks are very easy to put on and take off, and can be used in place of multiple layers of clothing.   Sleep Sacks come in different TOGs (measure of warmth), and various materials, such as cotton, flannel, muslin, which all can be machine washed and dried for easy cleaning.   

Our own Babies here at Bairn & Babes wear Sleep Sacks to bed, and we are passionate about helping parents create the safest environment for their Babes as well.   

An excellent resource for Sleep Consulting can be found at  

Also, read additional information on Sleep Sacks on the Government of Canada Website. 



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