Welcome to our new Website!

Hey friends, 

Welcome to the new & improved Bairn & Babes site! Many of our original friends & followers will remember our old site - which was good but just not as great as we knew it could be. 

So we decided to invest in ourselves and work with a local guru Jessie (seriously she's the best - and we totally recommend her to anyone with a small business looking to improve their online strategy) to help us out! With this came an increase in our social media presence, training in analytics, the leap into the world of tik tok & reels, and a new website! We are so passionate about this little business of ours and truly believe there is a space for us in this market, and are so grateful to have this opportunity.  

We still want to be your one stop (small) shop for all things baby & toddler. We love sourcing from other small shops wherever possible, and we LOVE sharing all of our favorite items with other local moms. 

We are two very passionate (read: opinionated and stubborn according to our husbands) and have a dream of what Bairn & Babes could be. Neither of us have any experience running an online boutique though so we're just following our heart & trying to learn as much as we can along the way. 

So what have we learned so far on this journey?

  1. Just do it. Leap in with both feet and take that risk. It's scary and that means its worth it. 
  2. Invest in yourself. There are people out there that are willing & waiting to help you succeed - you just need to ask! 
  3. Stay true to your vision. What works for someone may not work for you - make decisions that align with your goals & who you are.
  4. Have fun! Because life is short and if you don't enjoy doing it, it's probably not worth your time! 








Thank you all so much for being here! We appreciate you. 

- Dani

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