My New Name is Grandma!

I still remember the day our daughter and son in law told us we were being promoted to ‘Grandparents’.   One of the happiest days of my life! 


We met for dinner at Pampa’s restaurant in Edmonton for my birthday and our anniversary celebration.  Excellent steak by the way, as a side note!   The five of us were there having a nice time, chit chatting about the usual things - jobs, school, weather and of course, cows.   Drinks and dinner were ordered when our daughter  placed a small gift in front of me and one in front of her dad.  She was very insistent that we open them up at the same time.   Tears welled up in both our eyes as we read the inscription on the coffee mugs they gave us - ‘Hello, my new name is Grandma’.   ‘Hello, my new name is Grandpa’.   I don’t remember anything else from that evening after that moment.  ‘THE’ moment - the one that forever changed my life, and our families life and will always be etched in my mind!  ‘Hello, my new name is Grandma’.   


The day Baby W was born was very stressful on everyone - with a global pandemic going on, we were not able to be at the hospital to await the birth.  We waited at home, and waited and waited.  It was agonizing not knowing what was going on at the hospital.   When our son in law called saying after several hours of contractions, an emergency c-section would have to be done, our excitement instantly turned to fear.   It stayed that way until that much anticipated call - Baby W was here and he and Momma were doing fine!   

We have had baby W in our lives for about 19 months, and none of us could love him more!   I am settling into my new name ‘Grandma’ aka ‘Grams’ and am looking forward to many more little people calling me that!   

Being a grandma, I am all about the Knotted Newborn Gowns and the Sleep Sacks - check them out for your new grandbaby! 

Hello Baby W, my name is Grams and I love you so much!   I am all about the knotted baby gowns and the sleep sacks - check them out for your new grandbaby! 

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